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Digital design // NIHR - CRN SW Peninsula Research Career Campaign

Following the success of the previous social campaign I designed, CRN South West Peninsula asked me to design a new research careers campaign which was to be rolled out across 12 NHS Trusts all over Devon and Cornwall.

HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_YPIR_Campaign_IG_DEVON_v3_edited.jpg
HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_YPIR_Campaign_IG_PLYMOUTH_v4_edited.jpg
HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_YPIR_Campaign_IG_ROYAL_DEVON_v2_edited.jpg
HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_YPIR_Campaign_IG_CORNWALL_v1_edited.jpg
HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_YPIR_Campaign_IG_DEVON_v1_edited.jpg
HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_YPIR_Campaign_IG_TORBAY_v2_edited.jpg

Assets produced for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, digital posters and web banners.

HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_TPIR_Campaign_FB_YEOVIL_v2_edited.jpg
HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_TPIR_Campaign_FB_PLYMOUTH_v1_edited.jpg
HFD1744_NIHR_CRN SW_TPIR_Campaign_FB_DEVON_v2_edited.jpg
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